Arts Council of Appling County

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Who We Are

The Arts Council of Appling County was founded in 1999 with the mission of enhancing the unique artistic personality of our community. We strive to help build each person’s diverse ability while showcasing our unified community spirit. Through the generous help of local business and individuals we have been able to provide exposure to the arts that is uncommon in our area. We have sponsored community musical events, theatrical productions, and various art shows. This year we hope to build bridges in our community so we can encourage more of our neighbors to enjoy the arts we love so much.


Our musical events encompass a variety of genres including, gospel, jazz, opera, bluegrass, and country. This September we will be sponsoring a return to classic rock with The Return. Our dramatic presentations include children’s plays and dramatic adult performances.


Each year the Arts Council hosts an art show in one of the local banks to exhibit our many local talented artists. We display the artwork, which ranges from photographs and drawings to quilts and paintings, and presents awards to the best of the best. All ages are encouraged to participate.


The Arts Council also hosts many touring theatrical programs from the Springer Opera House, the State Theater of Georgia, and other production companies. Through the Arts in Schools program, the Arts Council promotes an appreciation for the arts by bringing children's book authors, illustrators, and performers into our classrooms.